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Born and brewed in Bradford.

Photo of Java Joe in Bradford

Born and brewed in Bradford, Java Joe is a refreshing change to the coffee shop industry.

It’s Tuesday night, and I find myself needing to stretch my legs and get out of the house. I suggested to my partner that we head out and get a hot chocolate somewhere.

Obviously with most places in town shutting around 6pm, the first thought was the international mega-chain, Starbucks. There are three or four in driving distance for us, but the uniform blandness of their offering made me regret the idea.

It’s at this point I remembered Java Joe open’s until 8pm on weeknights.

A short drive past the M606 and just past the Asda on Rooley lane, we pull up in the ample free parking available on site.

It’s warm inside. Not something I can often say about their rivals in the area who have a penchant for over doing the air conditioning. We’re greeted by friendly staff who offer to bring the drinks over so we sit down and a minute later, hot chocolate heaven arrives.

The cream on these hot chocolate’s is incredible.

A local company based on Rooley Lane, Java Joe only has one location at the moment, but you wouldn’t think that to go in there. The decor is fresh and modern with bright orange to contrast slate grey that suits the hard wood and soft furnishings perfectly.

Speaking to the team, they will eagerly tell you of plans for growth, with sights set on new locations opening up before the end of the year.

With the clock ticking until closing time, it’s pretty clear that the staff enjoy working here. Rather than clock watching they spend their time happily chatting as they clean and prep for the next day. I’ve been in rival coffee shops around closing time in the past and usually hear staff complain about it being a slow day while reminding me yet again that they close in 5 minutes and I should probably leave. Not here. In fact, its one minute to 8 as I write this sentence and they haven’t once mentioned closing.

It’s the nice change of scenery with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that makes Java Joe so appealing. That, and the fact their drinks far out do those of rivals with much bigger budgets. I know I’ll be back again soon, and recommend you give them a go when you’re in the area.